Kenny Williams - Building Contractor

“The thing I like about SPEEDLINER® is its durability. I’m constantly on job sites with contractors. I always tell [my fellow contractors] to take a whack at it. For me, it doesn’t get any tougher than this”.


Steve Jennings - Engineer

“The thing I like most about the SPEEDLINER® is the strength and durability. On several occasions, I’ve had loads of river rock dropped from about [two feet] high right into the bed and nothing has really happened to this bedliner. It’s held up and it’s been a great savior for my truck”.

Keith Mitchell - Purchasing Agent

“I’m Keith Mitchell and I bought SPEEDLINER® a year ago. The reason I bought it was because I couldn’t let my dad show me up. He had his [SPEEDLINER] put in his truck a couple of years ago and it has withstood the abuse that he’s given it. I know it would be perfect for my truck and I’ve loved it ever since”.


Pam Jennings - Hair Stylist

“The one thing I was impressed with was the perfect color match.  This was a new product when we had it done.  Its held up wonderful and it hasn’t faded in over the four years that its been in here”.



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