SPEEDLINER® is the world's toughest spray-on liner that offers a maximum strength water proof protective coating that provides real protection for your vehicle.  It is the only spray bedliner to have tested at over 4,800 pounds/square inch in tensile, proving it to be the strongest spray bedliner available, and giving customers the maximum protection from rips and tears.  In addition, the SPEEDLINER® bedliner system is the only to use Kevlar fiber from Dupont, further enhancing its strength capabilities.

SPEEDLINER® was the first to develop a primer adhesive to prevent the bedliner from peeling away, further enhancing the liner’s performance.  It is also the first spray bedliner system tinted with automotive paint, allowing customers to customize and have their liner tinted to their specifications.


  • Tough, worry-free protection you're looking for!
  • Holds up better than competitor products against rips and tears that may be caused by sharp-edged cargo.
  • Best resists the effects of most common chemicals - including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials.
  • Can withstand much higher levels of extreme use without adverse effect.
  • Available in 18 standard stock colours
  • Can be colour matched to most vehicles using standard urethane colour matching techniques - even to metallics.
  • The only spay on liner to offer Kevlar® for even greater protection against cuts & tears.
  • Extremely versatile, and has been used with a wide range of other applications

Available Colours:



Charcoal Grey

Medium Grey

Dove Grey

Dark Green



Medium Green

Cami Green

Cami Brown

Dark Blue


Petrol Blue

Indigo Blue

Medium Blue

Garnet Red







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